A sign at the outskirts of the ghost town of Capa, population 1. Joel Ebert/Capital Journal

All the news from Capa

By Lance Nixon lance.nixon@capjournal.com CAPA, S.D. – All the news from Capa is not grim these days, no matter if death and outmigration and trips around the sun have stripped this town down to a ghost of what it was. People hammered Capa together out of frame lumber in 1907, bringing some of the structures […]

Mysteries set in stone

By David Rookhuyzen david.rookhuyzen@capjournal.com They are mystery stories, written large as life in mineral ink on the pages of the northern plains. A 360-foot snake – reportedly once with a blazing red tongue – slithering along a grassy slope. A long-tailed turtle lying next to woman near an earthen mound. A large grid spread across […]

Dakota Life

“Hell for Stout” The E.C. Lee Saddle rides again

By Lance Nixon lance.nixon@capjournal.com He’s a casualty of Pierre’s long love affair with polo and the Midwest’s nasty weather. He’s one of a party of four traveling from Pierre to Des Moines to take part in a series of polo games and they are three and a half miles from Sioux Falls, driving slowly because […]

SD continues to grapple with wetland determination backlog

By Joel Ebert joel.ebert@capjournal.com South Dakota continues to have more backlogged wetland determination requests than any other state in the region. A wetland determination helps producers know where wetlands are located so they can make plans to tile, or drain, an area without losing eligibility to participate in federal farm programs. With 2,993 backlogged requests […]


Waiting for the wheat to move

By Lance Nixon lance.nixon@capjournal.com The wheat that pours like red gold into the hopper of a combine harvesting a field outside of Pierre could bake the bread that feeds the world – but first it has to get to where millers and bakers can buy it. And that’s a problem this year. A scale-tipping harvest, […]


Promised Land

By Lance Nixon lance.nixon@capjournal.com All his life he’d heard or read from the books of Moses that the children of Israel had a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to lead them out of Egypt into the Promised Land, but that was the Torah and this was America, there […]


Sunflower production higher than anticipated going toward harvest

By Lance Nixon Lance.Nixon@capjournal.com Producers in both South Dakota and North Dakota are growing more sunflowers than they intended to in March, June data suggests, as the nation as a whole appears to be heading toward nationwide production that is up 8 percent from 2013. But don’t expect a repeat of 2013 or 2011, when […]

USDA survey shows corn acres planted this growing season down

BROOKINGS, S.D. – According to a recent survey conducted by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service actual corn acres planted in 2014 are down, while soybean acres planted are up. “South Dakota’s 2014 production of corn and soybeans is projected to be 18 million bushels less than the 2013 actual production. The decrease is a […]

SDSU field stations are research in action

Throughout the growing season, SDSU Field Stations across South Dakota are hosting Field Days to highlight research discoveries designed to provide practical, research-based recommendations to the state’s farmers and ranchers. “For South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing land and livestock,” said Barry Dunn, Dean of the College of Agriculture […]